From Rick Banks’ exciting new type foundry to the announcement of a potentially game-changing new budget design option – plus a selection of new actions, Photoshop brushes, books and more to speed up the creative process. Read on for February’s best new graphic design tools…

01. F37 Foundry


F37 Foundry is the cool new kid on the type foundry block

Launched this month, F37 Foundry is the cool new kid on the type foundry block, and comes courtesy of London design studio Face37. Built to replicate Adobe Illustrator’s tools, it enables designers to test out typefaces within a web browser. You can move, resize and rotate text, while also adapting leading, kerning, tracking and colour before purchasing a font.

Available only on desktop so far, the innovative new in-browser foundry was created over the course of seven months by Face37 founder Rick Banks with digital designer Francis Smith and developer Tom Duncalf. And Banks has marked the launch with a new typeface, F37 Jagger.

02. Adobe’s creative apps for Chromebooks


Adobe is set to release six new Android apps for Chromebooks

Graphic designers, illustrators and photographers will have a handful of new tools available to them when Adobe releases six new Android apps for Chromebooks. Announced at the end of January (as we reported earlier), the apps will start to roll out shortly for free download as part of a beta for Chrome OS devices – potentially transforming the ultra-portable, more affordable Chromebook into a genuine budget design option.

The apps include Photoshop Mix, Lightroom Mobile, Illustrator draw, Photoshop Sketch, Adobe Comp CC and Creative Cloud Mobile. They’re mobile versions, but Adobe has been steadily developing the software with some powerful new features. (An option to stream Photoshop from the cloud for Chromebooks has been in beta since 2014, so watch this space.)

03. AD stippling brushes for Photoshop


Quickly create authentic-looking shaded illustrations with this new set of stippling brushes

Illustrator and Photoshop brush wizard Alex Dukal has created a new set of stippling brushes to help you quickly create authentic-looking shaded illustrations, tactile textures and warm patterns.

Stippling – if you’re not sure – is the creation of a pattern using different densities and sizes of dots (like a halftone). This pack is perfect for vintage sci-fi or technical illustrations that need a hand-drawn feel.

04. Lance Wyman: The Visual Diaries 1973-1982


Wyman’s diaries include working drawings for logos, sketches for typefaces and more

Indy publisher Unit Editions has a limited number of copies of Lance Wyman: The Visual Diaries 1973-1982 for sale. The stunning 872-page collection of the respected designer’s visual diaries includes working drawings for logos, detailed specifications for urban wayfinding systems, sketches for typefaces and more.

Unit Editions’ Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy discovered the diaries while working on Lance Wyman: The Monograph, and have painstakingly photographed the pages from Wyman’s ‘designlogs’. With two jackets, two paper stocks and thread-sewn binding, it’s a real beauty.