The platform has finally been given an Image Crop tool as part of Adobe’s 30th anniversary update.

This tool will make the lives of designers easier as they will now be able to adjust the crop handles of images placed into a document in Illustrator CC. Cropped images will be reduced in terms of file size, which will improve their performance. Prior to this release, designers would have to use clipping masks to hide unwanted image areas, or edit the asset in Photoshop first.

Users will also be able to access the Color Themes panel, a tool which enables users to create, explore, save and retrieve colour themes. This will make it easer to maintain brand consistency and set and leverage colour themes across Adobe applications.

Image cropping is set to get a whole lot easier

As if this wasn’t all reason enough to renew your Creative Cloud subscription, there’s more! Thanks to a brand new user interface, designers will be able to easily jump between Adobe design apps and features.

A redesigned New Documents panel completes the upgrade. This will allow novice and expert designers alike to jump-start print, web and mobile projects by providing shortcuts to documents, presets based on recent document settings, and design-ready templates from Adobe Stock.

Source: Creative Blog