Is it time for your website's re-design?

Although the product or service you are offering may be fantastic, if your website is not conveying it in a clear and appealing way, you may be losing customers to your competitors. When viewing your website analytics, you may find that visitors are quickly leaving your website as soon as they arrive. If you see this starting to become a trend, it may be time to think about website redesign.

There is a high chance that if your website has not been updated since the launch of your company, the purpose of your site may have drastically changed. Updating your website to reflect your current business as well as to ensure it is inline with your current marketing strategies is imperative. We are more than happy to take an iterative approach to a redesign of your website. We will use information we gather throughout the process of the rebrand, figuring out the demands of your customers along the way. Taking this approach avoids customers being off-put or upset by a major overhaul of the branding, as well as reducing the cost for yourself if you are sticking to a tight budget.

Does your website actually work for you?

At Creativo Solutions we believe the backbone of your website is its navigation. Your customers need to be able to access the products or information they require quickly, otherwise they will leave the website altogether. Having an excellent website is not about overloading the site with pages and reams of information, but making sure the content is concise and relevant, to keep your audience engaged. Therefore, as part of the website redesign we will consider the navigation of the website as well as ensuring it is full of succinct and informative content.

Our experienced team understand that there is more to updating old, tired websites than simply changing the way they look. It may be the case that your website is simply too slow. Research shows that a whopping 40% of consumers will leave a website if it fails to load in three seconds. This is why not only the design but the functionality of your site should be at the forefront of the relaunch. Practical, fast, easy to understand websites are what keep your users coming back and increase your sales.

Additionally, more and more internet users are choosing to use mobile devices to browse and shop. It is imperative your website seamlessly transitions across a range of devices. A seamless transition is not merely a consistent quality aesthetic, but ensuring performance and functionality is maintained. When redesigning your website, Creativo Solutions will implement a responsive solution, giving mobile users the same functionalities as desktop users.

Keeping your branding consistent throughout the website is not as easy as it seems, especially during a redesign. We have ample experience navigating this delicate situation, and we can complete the process whilst ensuring your most popular pages still rank well on search engines. Achieving this by combining our passion for web design with our vast experience in search engine optimisation.

In summary, a website redesign could be the key to you successfully conveying your brand values. We believe your website should tell a story, and clearly show your potential customers your unique selling points, emphasising why they should choose you. If your current website is not converting your visitors into sales, then it could be time to invest in a redesign. With a careful strategy tackling both the front and back end, you could soon be welcoming an abundance of new customers.

Our Services

Web Design

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Web design is one of the most important aspects of a website. This is the process of conceptualising, planning and arranging content.

Web Development

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Our Web Development expertise ensures that we turn your vision into reality.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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SEO is the practice of improving both the quality and quantity of website traffic, as well as exposure to your brand.

Speedy Website Hosting

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Poor hosting is like building a house on swamp land. Using a poor host can lead to your website having increased downtime leading to loss of sales and more.

Wordpress Maintenance

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Maintenance for your website is really important, Our maintenance plans include: Plugin & theme updates, indexing checks, monthly reports and more.

Website Audits

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Everything starts with an audit, Our website audits cover: Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Site Health, Vulnerability Testing, Responsiveness testing and lots more.

Website Tracking and Analytics

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Marketing efforts can only be reported if you have the tools and software in place to do so, we can help with tracking software such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, Google Search Console and more.

Copy Writing

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Copywriting is vital for any website, it gives you the chance to truly connect with your website's visitors, inform them what your business is about and most importantly convey trust.