Website Design

Website design is a passion of ours at Creativo Solutions. We understand that your website is the first interaction many of your customers will have with your brand. Therefore, your website needs to stand out, both in the way it looks and how it functions. We approach every website from scratch; designing and developing bespoke websites considering the individual needs of your brand. Combined, we have over 30 years in the industry, and pride ourselves as an experienced team on providing an investment in the future of your company.

As a team, Creativo love challenging ourselves. Which is why our heart lays firmly in web design and development. We enjoy creating completely bespoke websites which will stand out in their respective markets. Although we design and create websites that are beautiful and visually appealing, there is so much more to web design than that. It is vital that your website has clear meaning and personality, as well as functioning flawlessly across a range of devices.

Does your website actually work for you?

We believe the key to designing beautiful and functional websites is in the planning process. We take ideas from every client, consider their visions for their company as well as their targets, and combine them with our knowledge and expertise. We place a great amount of value in both ideas and feedback from you along the way and believe the planning process should truly be a collaborative effort.

We primarily build using WordPress, the worlds most popular content management system. We work with WordPress as is it extremely reliable and has a wide range of features for us to create your bespoke site enabling you to stand out even in a crowded market. WordPress enables us to design and build you a website that reflects your brand and speaks clearly to your audience.

We at Creativo Solutions understand that the internet should be inclusive to all. That is why we ensure all sites we build are created with accessibility in mind. This includes adding alt tags on images and tool tips on buttons, allowing for screen readers to narrate to those visually impaired. Additionally, complimentary colour schemes will always be used, making viewing your site more accessible.

The performance of the websites we build for our clients is paramount. Building optimally performing sites allows the website to be packaged as a progressive web app. This means the site can be added to a user’s device home screen, regardless of if it is a mobile or desktop. This keeps your brand and website in the customers mind, encouraging return traffic and repeat customers. Additionally, push notifications can be created to reduce the feedback loop. We believe in creating bespoke solutions, relevant to your requirements and meeting your customer’s needs.

We value the investment you are making when instructing us to complete the design and development of your website, which is why we work tirelessly to safeguard it. We ensure that the websites we build are reliable and robust, but always consider the progression of technology. We follow industry trends and standards to keep our work relevant as well as developing your online presence to one that grows and evolves as your company does.

Our Services

Web Design

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Web design is one of the most important aspects of a website. This is the process of conceptualising, planning and arranging content.

Web Development

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Our Web Development expertise ensures that we turn your vision into reality.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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SEO is the practice of improving both the quality and quantity of website traffic, as well as exposure to your brand.

Speedy Website Hosting

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Poor hosting is like building a house on swamp land. Using a poor host can lead to your website having increased downtime leading to loss of sales and more.

Wordpress Maintenance

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Maintenance for your website is really important, Our maintenance plans include: Plugin & theme updates, indexing checks, monthly reports and more.

Website Audits

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Everything starts with an audit, Our website audits cover: Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Site Health, Vulnerability Testing, Responsiveness testing and lots more.

Website Tracking and Analytics

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Marketing efforts can only be reported if you have the tools and software in place to do so, we can help with tracking software such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, Google Search Console and more.

Copy Writing

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Copywriting is vital for any website, it gives you the chance to truly connect with your website's visitors, inform them what your business is about and most importantly convey trust.